The Love of God

The Love of God cannot be measure buy ideas, researches or dissertations. His Love goes beyond human philosophies or institutions. God shows His love in better and easy ways: A smile, a hug, a companion, family and friends. He still showing His Love as Jesus did while he was on this earth, in simple ways. We don’t need a fantastic and extraordinary miracle to see and feel God’s Love. Just look at the baby’s smile, there is God’s Love, look at the eyes of an old man or old woman, there is God’s Love. Look at the hand of your mother that took care of you while you were growing, there is God’s Love. Look at your father’s arm that lifted you so many times to hug you and kiss you, there is God’s love. Just looks at you favorite pet, and you will realize that God loves you in His creation. Every flower, every grass, every tree and lake, every river and mountain. The rain and the snow and the warm beach, are telling us that God loves us so much that He gave His only son to save us, to bring us back home because He cannot accept His heaven without us up there. The love of God is there, in every person, inside us, ready to be given. Don’t let the worries of this world to distract you from perceiving His Love, because our understanding of His Love in the only thing that will open the gates of heaven for us.

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Hi there

Welcome to wordnart4all! This is a space that has the purpose to share information, ideas, and topics related with today’s peoples’ spiritual needs. The world events are telling us that we cannot make it alone, and that we need help! We need to connect with the fountain of power and wisdom to be able to understand why things and people are not perfect, where we come from, what we are doing here and where we are going. God has given us the power and privilege of word and art to express ourselves, to reach Him and to share to others our experience with the Creator of all.

Bienvenidos a wordnart4all! Éste es un espacio que tiene el propósito de compartir información, ideas y temas relacionados con las necesidades espirituales de las personas hoy en dia. Los eventos y acontecimientos en el mundo nos dicen que no podemos solos y que necesitamos ayuda. Necesitamos conectarnos con la fuente de poder y sabiduria para entender porque las cosas y las personas no son perfectos, para enteder de donde venimos, que hacemos aqui y hacia donde vamos. Dios nos ha dado el poder y el privilegio de la palabra y el arte para expresarnos, para alcanzarlo a El y para compartir con otros nuestra experiencia con el Creador de todas las cosas.

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Hello world!

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